Machines for the production of rolls with net welded with film bands


SF1, line to weld in continuous net bands with film bands


The SF1 line is designed to weld in continuous net bands with film bands

The line is composed by:

  • net unwind stand,
  • film unwind stand,
  • 3 independent deviators to correctly place the bands,
  • 4 hot air blow welders
  • winder type AS.


Fully equipped with Siemens components, the SF1 is entirely controlled by a state-of-the-art HMI based on Profinet®, one of the most advanced communication protocols, that allows to control independently and in real time each one of all installed stations/tools.

Always focused on our customers’ needs and knowing that energy costs are always a more expensive variable for each manufacturer, we engineered the IRS with dedicated components that allow to recover the kinetic energy and then to save money in this regard.

Technical data

Max. film roll width mm 800
Max. film roll diameter mm 800
Max. net roll width mm 400
Max. net roll diameter mm 800
Max. final roll width mm. 800
Max. final roll diam. mm  1000
Installed power Kw  19
Mechanical speed m/min 50
Air consumption m/min 0.5