Quality guaranteed

Attention, Modularity, Ease of use, Skills and Support are always behind each of FIBORSIN projects.

Quality guaranteed

It is the first rule that FIBORSIN has always dedicated to its customers' needs and to the ever-changing market. This approach allowed it to design and develop a wide range of machines to meet different production requirements.
Thanks to the modular design, FIBORSIN can customize each machine according to different customers' needs. Moreover, as all modules are "plug & play", each equipment can be upgraded later with new accessories, in order to face any new production requirements.
Ease of use
The new software based on Siemens Profinet protocol, the "ergonomic" design and the possibility to set easily each single parts, facilitate the daily use of the machine. The easy and reduced time for the maintenance of each component are additional features, too.
Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in different market sectors,  FIBORSIN can always grant to its customers tailor-made solutions designed to face new production requirements. Indeed, the R&D department always studies and evaluates new solutions, together with its customers, in order to be a partner and not just a supplier.
Thanks to the sinergy among the Group companies, FIBORSIN is capable of granting a constant, reliable and just-in-time support on each machine installed in the market, also for those that are over 30 years old.
New challenges are waiting for FIBORSIN in the future and FIBORSIN is ready to face them to be Your partner for success!

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